Friday, January 22, 2010

Still in Colombia 01/22

We are in Chienaga de Cholon about 20 miles south of Cartagena. Getting into the bay was very tricky with reefs on both sides and a very narrow entrance
and you had to use eye ball navigation. The entrance had a reef on one side and very shallow beach on the other and it looked like we would end up right on the beach because you came within 10 feet of it. We have been cleaning and scrubbing off all the dirt on the boat and covers that came from being in Cartagena. Have been swimming here the last couple of days but yesterday I got stung by a jelly fish. It is a bit itchy but no real problem.

Our plans are to head to the San Bernardo Islands today and then leave early Saturday morning for Panama. That passage should be about 140 miles and we will arrive in the most eastern part of the San Blas where we will be able to see more of the traditional Kuna Indian's villages.

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