Sunday, December 20, 2009


Last night was very comfortable and we were able to get caught up with our sleep. Although this is a very deserted looking spot, there were about 20 people standing on the ridge of the the mountain that comes right down to the water to watch the sunset last night. Local fisherman have been all around the boat casting out their nets early this morning. As we take in all that is happening around us, we have made a decision to not move so quickly to Cartagena, but to go more slowly along the coast to see more of Colombia. We will be traveling with 3 other boats and that gives us a feeling of additional safety in numbers.

Tomorrow we will leave on another overnight and head about 120 miles to an area called Five Bays. We've been told that they are fjord-like and that some of the mountains behind them may have snow on them. The weather pattern is very different right now than what we were expecting - there is very wind. Hope that it continues that way. If we hear that the winds will be starting to build, then we will move more quickly since we are getting near the area that is know for it's high winds.

For our family - Because of the change in our plans that means we won't be in Catagena by Christmas, and are not sure how we will get in contact with you, but will make every effort to see if we can find wifi further down the coast.

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