Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Moving on from Curacao

We decided to keep moving even though we did not really get a chance to get well acquainted with the island and the cruising community in Spanish Waters. We are concerned that if we don't keep moving we will miss the window to get to Colombia. If we miss it we could be stuck in the ABC's for months. Although this is not a bad place to be stuck in.
This morning Moira caught the 10 AM shopping bus to go to the grocery store, while I caught the 10:30 AM bus to clear out. This entailed visiting Customs. then walking a mile to Immigration, and then visiting the Harbor Authority. By the time I got back to the dinghy dock I could see that Moira had left for the boat. The fellow that rode back with me on the bus gave me a dinghy ride back to the boat. We then had to haul the dinghy aboard and prepare to go to sea. We left at about 1:30 PM with a 20 mile sail to reach the northern end of Curacao at a place called Santa Cruz. We arrived just as the sun was setting and anchored. One of the other boats was a boat that had been Trinidad with us in 2006 but it was the newer and larger version as the went from a 38 foot boat to a 52 foot boat.
In the morning we will be heading off to Aruba. We will let you know when we arrive. Its about 55 miles.

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