Sunday, December 20, 2009

We made it to South America

We anchored in Cabo de la Vela, Colombia after a 24 hour sail. We went with 3 other boats and they are all anchored here with us. The land is very desert like. The trip was unbelievable for this area, which is known for high winds and waves. We sailed much of the way down wind in 10 knots of wind and 4 - 5 foot seas. We actually motored the last 25 miles. This was partly done to charge the batteries.

Upon our arrival off the coast of Colombia we were greeted by a large pod of dolphins (about 50 -100) They stayed with us for almost an hour and Moira and I stood on the bow of the boat watching schools of them playing in the bow wake. There were many babies with their mothers. We were so lucky to have this encounter.

Now we are ready for a nap.

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