Monday, December 28, 2009

Punta Hermosa

We left Rodadero at 2 AM in order to make it to Punta Hermosa in the daylight so that we could find our way in around the reef. We also wanted to get past the Reo Magdalena before the winds built up. After leaving one of the boats we were traveling with developed engine problems and we turned back to assist. He had broken motor mounts and electrical problems and we planned to tow him back to Rodadero but luckly he is Puerto Rican and speaks spanish as his first language. He got hold of the coast guard and they towed him back. We turned around and started motoring on our way. The wind filled in a bit later and we shut down the engine and sailed. The winds built to 25 to 30 knots with higher gusts and the seas exceeded 10 feet. So much for getting past the Reo Magdalena before the winds built up. When we crossed the river outfall the sea turned muddy brown and the seas actually went down. It was a lumpy ride but we arrived and anchored in Punta Hermosa at about 1 PM. The anchorage had 25 knots of wind blowing when we arrived.

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