Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Still in Aruba

We rented a car yesterday and Moira and I took a tour of the island. There are beaches all along the north western side of the island and you just have to pull over and jump in. The water is various shades of blue and very clear.

We did not go in yesterday but just toured the island. There are all kinds of off road trips you can take but we were told not to take our rental car off roading. There were many folks riding four wheelers and jeeps all over the place. We did get to see the eastern side of the island with huge waves breaking on the rock shore. We also visited the California Light House, the natural bridge and Charlies Bar. Today we went to the beach but the snorkeling was not great because the large waves stirred up the coral sand enough to make the water turbid but the swimming was great. Later we noted that the snorkerlers were out further where the waves had less effect.

Moira took the women from 2 other boats shopping in the afternoon, while I shuttled diesel fuel and water back to the boat to fill the tanks. We are preparing the boat for the trip to Colombia. At this point we are planning to head out Thursday or the weekend as the winds and waves are supposed to reduce over that time. Currently we have been having winds in the anchorage in the 20 knot range. This is great as the wind generator has been keeping the batteries up and we have not run the boat engine or honda Generator since we arrived. However it makes the dinghy ride back from town very wet.

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