Monday, November 30, 2009

11/28 Update

We are on Atlantic Standard time now or an hour later than EST. We just had a bunch of dolphins jumping around our bow. We took loads of pictures mostly of water, as they do not stay up for that long. I am glad they did not choose to go after the lure that i am towing.
We had a motor sail to start the trip, which was predicted by the Grib Files. This lasted for about 12 hours. Last night at about 9:45 PM the wind increased and we have not turned on the motor since. We called Chris Parker the weather guy in Florida on the SSB and it appears that we will have good wind all the way to Bonaire.
We have covered about 160 miles of a 400 mile crossing and it has been great.
I caught a 3 foot baracuda yesterday and let it go. We don't eat baracuda as they sometimes carry a toxin.
It is 88 degrees in the cabin and we cannot leave the ports open due to the spray. This makes it somewhat stuffy.

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