Saturday, November 14, 2009

October 18-24

Still working, but not for many days!!

The Power Boat Show ended on Sunday with some improvement to the weather. The docks started breaking up about 6:30 that night and Dick worked only a couple of hours. He finished up on Monday. Moira’s last day was Tuesday late afternoon when she finally said she couldn’t do any more. Her arms are now rock hard from all the hard manual work she has done over the past 3 weeks. Both of feel that this has been a great experience, especially with meeting lots of great cruising folks. The pay is very low, but with all the overtime we were able to pay for almost everything we purchased. Dick would love to be again on the water crew, but Moira would want to do something different.

Wednesday was wonderful – no work and should have been a lazy day, but laundry and food shopping needed to be done. We took care of that and then gave ourselves some free time. Thursday saw us looking to find some stainless steel for the solar panel. We found it by taking a bus and then walking to one of the marinas on Back Creek. You can be amazed by how far you can walk when you need to find different items! That night was the No Mo Boat Show party held at the Annapolis Yacht Club. Great food and company!!! Some of the cruisers that had worked the boat show had already left and many were preparing to leave in the next day or two. We were waiting for mail and one item we had purchased from the show and hopped to leave by the weekend.

Saturday was Moira’s sister’s birthday – HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JEANNIE!!!

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