Saturday, November 14, 2009

November 8 – 11

We have been trying to hear Herb the Southbound II weather person on the SSB and did not have very good results. We have been able to hear Chris Parker the Caribbean weather person and spoke with him about a window to head from Beaufort to the Caribbean. He advised that we might have a window either Sunday or Monday but the seas might be 15 ft. However if we wait the winds will not be favorable for the Gulf Stream crossing. We are now considering alternatives to our plan as it is getting cold and there is a bridge near Charleston that will be worked on after Thanksgiving which will shut down the ICW for a month if we decide to head the way. While here we met back up with the Dave and Wendy who opted to leave Hampton for Beaufort to wait for a widow for Bermuda. We both ended up in the same marina when the forecast was for winds in excess of 40 knots. We also ran into Brilliant here but they left today to head south down the ICW.

Today is Wednesday the 11th and it has rained all day. This coupled with the facts that we are not seeing a weather window and that our bank has chosen this time to issue us a new credit card which they mailed to Maine and cancel the one we have has made this a truly gloomy day

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