Saturday, November 14, 2009

September 20-26

Very, very long 45 mile all day sail around Kent Island instead of using the 10 mile short cut through Kent Narrows after we heard the 3rd sailboat radio that they were aground. We anchored in St. Michael’s right across from the Maritime Museum. Celebrated our anniversary at the Crab Claw Restaurant with a traditional crab dinner complete with paper table cloths, mallets and beer. Had fun smashing and picking through the pile of crabs heaped on the table. That night we also tried our first video Skype call with Chris, Gretchen, and Ramona. We were able to see them very well on the computer screen, but the lighting on the boat where the computer is located is poor and we used a flashlight to illuminate our faces better. Hopefully, Ramona won’t be scared for life as she got to see her Gram and Pop Pop’s grinning, floating heads on the screen!

The next day we provisioned at local supermarket and then left for the Rhode River. Moira is gathering quite a collection of supermarket courtesy cards to benefit from their specials. Since we’re never sure which store is in the town, she carries all of them with her weighing down her pockets. Great sail to Rhode River under a variety of wind strength and direction. It never fails that when there are two boats out sailing it becomes a race. Dick was thrilled to blast past a Catalina 36, especially since we were dragging our dinghy behind us.

The Rhode River was the location of the Seven Seas Cruising Association (SSCA) Annapolis Gam. Almost 90 cruising boats filled the anchorage outside Camp Letts – the site of all the activities for the gam from Thursday through Sunday. It’s a wonderful time to catch up with friends, meet new cruising folks, and listen to some great speakers. We went to a cocktail party on a small island and also visited the Smithsonian Research area in the northwest corner of the bay. A highlight for Moira was to get to meet and talk to Beth Leonard, author of several cruising books. We brought in from the boat a copy of Following Seas that has been with us on several of our trips and Beth autographed it for her. After listening to her talk about the Chilean Channels we both agreed that, although the area is breathtakingly beautiful, it isn’t anyplace that we wanted to cruise to!!

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