Saturday, November 14, 2009

October 11-17


The Sailboat Boat Show continued on Sunday and Monday under warm temps and beautiful, clear skies with huge crowds attending. Monday night was a special show in itself as the water crew began to open up the docks and the sailboats started to stream out – some putting on impressive maneuvers getting out of their spaces. As soon as the sailboats were all out some of the power boats started to come in. Dick worked very late that night changing docks and bringing in new power boats. There was a move to try to bring in the boats as quickly as possible because the weather was changing and strong winds were predicted. It also got very COLD! The Power Boat Show was very windy, rainy, and cold. We dragged out long underwear, long sleeved shirts and fleeces and winter coats to wear during the days of the show. Attendance was way, way off but there were people that did come and brave the weather. Standing outside all day long wasn’t fun at all! Getting back to the boat wasn’t any better. Drippy wet clothes were hung all over the boat and moisture dripped off all the ports and hatches. Running our heater may have warmed up boat, but increased the moisture dripping on our heads! Where were those warm tropical breezes when you need them??? On Saturday we finally had our 1st day off. It was miserable both in the boat and outdoors, so we decided to take the bus and see outside of downtown Annapolis. We ended up in a mall and went to see the movie, Where the Wild Things Are. Great movie, as well as, a place to stay dry and warm for hours.

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