Saturday, November 14, 2009

September 13-19

With gradually clearing skies we started heading further south down the Chesapeake. In Wharton Creek we were anchored in 5 ½ ft – have to get used to the very shallow water depths again! Left there for a nice, easy sail to Baltimore. Found a great anchorage just outside the inner harbor in Canton. We were very close to a major supermarket – always a bonus when cruising since we have to carry everything back to the boat. Spent the next 2 days exploring downtown Baltimore and some of the surrounding neighborhoods. Visited the National Aquarium and had lunch one day in the Little Italy section and the next day at a great hamburger place called 5 Guys. You got to munch on peanuts in the shell until your order came up. On Tuesday, we motored to Swan’s Creek and started seeing jellyfish for the 1sttime. Although small, the sea nettles can give you nasty welts. We then decided to take some time and explore the Chester River, which is on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The 1st anchorage on the river was up Langford Creek by Cacaway Island, a beautiful, quiet anchorage. We were invited to the boat, Hurrah, for cocktails. They are from the Magothy River in Maryland, but have moorings for their boat in 2 locations in Maine. We had a wonderful time with them and enjoyed hearing about their travels and wine collection. They usually carry about 8 cases of wine on board – what a difference 10 ft can make on the storage capabilities of a boat! We usually stuff and cram in bottles wherever we can find some space. Our bottles typically wear some of Dick’s old socks to help protect them and muffle some of the noise of them rocking and rolling!

The next day we continued sailing up the winding river to Chesterton. In the river and along both sides were numerous duck blinds. We were told that this is a prime duck hunting area and that during hunting season most boats don’t travel on the river. Thankful that is still a few weeks away!! Both of us loved Chesterton and we spent 2 days here – lots of historic beautiful homes and very warm, welcoming folks. Had a great lunch outdoors at a small tapas restaurant. Our last anchorage off the river was on the Corsica River. Another beautiful anchorage across from the summer compound of the Russian Embassy. This area was a very active crabbing spot – both for commercial and recreational boaters. Many folks threw out small crab traps that were checked about every 20 minutes or they used a trotline, where the boat goes back and forth rolling on the line and scooping up the crab with a net. Interesting to watch, but difficult to sail around because it isn’t always clear what the buoy is attached to.

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