Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nov. 23 Update

We are having a wonderful day today. The weather is wonderful and we have wind. We shut off the engine at 2 AM and it has been resting ever since. There is enough fuel in the tank to get us 100 miles and there is about 150 miles to go. The knot log says we have covered 1130 nm so far. We have finally reached the trade winds.

As we have indicated we are heading for Puerto Rico and not straight to Bonaire This is really due to our low fuel supply and poor forecast for the Caribbean Sea. We were hoping to get to Puerto Del Ray Marina tomorrow but the wind has dropped a bit and we may have to anchor out for the night. We look forward to hot showers, a full night's sleep, and clean laundry the most. Once there we will need to clean all the salt off the boat from the pounding we took.
Yesterday I almost caught a Wahoo about 2 feet long but it flipped the hook right near the boat. Today I got a hit but still no fish.

PS. It was 88 degrees at 8:30 AM

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